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Aluratek Cinecam HD DV Pocket Video Camcorder

Posted on September 10, 2009
Aluratek Cinecam HD DV Pocket Video Camcorder

Vendor: tigerdirect


Aluratek Cinecam HD DV Pocket Video Camcorder

Introducing the Aluratek Cinecam HD DV Camcorder for the easiest way to capture and digitally store those magic moments. Whether you are looking to record HD video content or snap digital photos the Cinecam has you covered. Once you have those magic moments the Cinecam makes it easy to share between friends and family by having a built in USB connecter that quickly slides out for an easy and quick way to transfer to your computer. If you are looking to upload to your favorite social networking sites such as YouTube, the included arcsoft software makes it effortless. Have fun recording and watching HD videos on you HDTV or your computer while preserving those precious moments forever, compliments of the Aluratek Cinecam.

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